Game Overview

Shards of Orbis is a sand-box game that is currently being developed by Karl Zöller and Divan Burger. It is envisioned to be the most epic MMO Sand-Box RPG RTS game of all time! Players start on HUGE floating islands in the middle of space. These islands are remnants of a planet long ago destroyed. It is envisioned that players will form large civilisations, build cites, discover technologies and wage war against other civilisations in what is hoped will become the largest virtual persistent world.



The shards that make up the world will be fully destructible. Players will be able collect resources and build structures using those resources. The world will be fully physics enabled and a few mechanical devices may be crafted so as to create objects such as elevators, vehicles (land, sea, space) and weapons (catapults, cannons).


The players will gain experience and will be able to take on professions. These professions will allow players to create items that can be used in trade. There might also exist ranks in a civilisation that allow players to act as battle commanders (see RTS) or city administrators in the case of a very large civilisation.


Shards of Orbis will be a single persistent universe shared by all players across the world. Players will have the choice of starting new civilisations or by joining existing ones. There will be valuable incentives to joining and growing existing civilisations. It is envisioned that there may one day exist civilisations made up of thousands of players.


War against other civilisations in the game will be a central theme. If a civilisation is advanced enough, battle commanders may be able to assist by taking a birds-eye view of the environment and command NPC units. This sort of view might also be used to facilitate city administrators in allocating land for its people if that is the social structure chosen by that civilisation.

Release Schedule

Shards of Orbis is in the early stages of development and thus does not have a definitive release schedule as yet. However, the game will be released in an incremental manner. Likely the first release will be a single player game with most of the sandbox elements in place. Keep an eye on this spot for more information.

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